What is a High Performance Pattern? 

Each person has a high performance pattern.

Each person has only one high performance pattern.

Each person's high performance pattern is unique.


Now discover your own High Performance Pattern!  How you work best.  Through a process of analyzing your own successful stories you will be able to identify and be able to reproduce your own pattern in every situation.  There are four “phases” to your unique pattern of working at your best:

  1. Getting Drawn in.
  2. Getting it Rolling.  
  3. Keeping it Rolling.
  4. Bringing to Completion.  

To learn more about High Performance Patterns…..read article…. Rebecca Sassenrath is certified in HPP coaching


If you are interested in discovering how to make the exceptional consistent, contact Rebecca Sassenrath.  She is a Certified High Performance Patterns Coach and  has been trained in using High Performance Patterns with her clients to help create the kind of awareness that leads to powerful forward movement.

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When my coach, Rebecca, told me about the High Performance Pattern assessment, I was between jobs and wondering how I could find employment that would better utilize my skills and strengths and keep me challenged. I had work experience in several areas and had taken numerous other assessments to narrow it down, but I wanted a great fit, not just a job.

As we began the process, some common themes began appearing, and as we further examined and refined the facts, I was able to clearly see how and when I excelled. The pattern was pretty much the same in school, work and my personal life, which was fascinating but more importantly, it told me a great deal about myself and what I need to perform well and enjoy doing it. We pinpointed my work needs, values and strengths, so I can choose more wisely where I will invest my time and energy. A pattern of where and how I have limited myself also emerged (which was not pleasant to see!) and knowing that and taking steps to change it will help me work smarter instead of harder in the future. 

Working through the HPP assessment with Rebecca is already changing the way I work and live. The knowledge I gained along with her skill, insight and encouragement have inspired me to do what I was designed to do…with joy and excellence!

—Brenda, Personal & Professional Development Coach, ACC