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Life transitions



Relationships are the core of being human.  Relationships can tear us apart or build us up.  The Bible has many references to how we are to be together and treat one another.  So often our own fears, past hurts and mis-understandings can get in the way of life giving and vital relationships.  Personal Relationship coaching can help you clear out the rubble to be a better friend, a better spouse, a more loving  parent,  a more effective leader and a more thriving person overall.  Living a "new Life" is hard work.  I can partner with you in you life to help you move toward healthier relationships with God, yourself and others.



                                                                                                                        Marriage is the meant to reflect the deepest human love possible.  But so often marriage is riddled with conflict, criticism and disappointments.  Marriage Coaching and workshops are designed to get to the heart of the distractions and often self-centered patterns that are not serving the marriage. The coaching sessions help the individuals and couple make shifts in the heart to be able to engage in a more loving and fulfilling marriage relationship.  A relationship that can reflect God's own deep love for each person.  Marriage Coaching is usually hourly sessions for 3-6 months in person or by Skype or other "Facetime" media. 



Parenting is one of a person's greatest callings, one of the most important vocation and one of life's greatest challenges.  Navigating the tumultuous waters of discipline (how much to do and how to do it), connection (can I have a loving relationship with this child as he or she grows) and instruction (what does this child need to learn from me and others to grow and become a good citizen).  These questions continue throughout the parent/child relationship.  Parent workshops and coaching help the parent (s) discipline, connection and instruction to build a healthy and happy family atmosphere that help children and parents thrive.  Invite a Parenting for ReaLife  workshop to your church or organization today! Call or email for your personal consultation for Parent and Family Coaching now. 


                                                                                                        Transitions in personal life and ministries can cause disruption, stress and loss of relationships. Coaching through the transition helps to maintain balance and perspective while navigating through the change. Learning about how transitions work can  bring about growth, build closer more loving bonds with others and move you toward a better life.  Don't let the transition "take you out"... Call or email today for a session to determine if individual or group coaching can help you and/or your ministry.