ReaLife Coaching exists to revitalize, repair, and restore your relationships through coaching, workshops, and seminars.  Where do you need to start?



Does your life, your relationship, or your team need some refreshment and revitalizing? Things are going pretty well, but you know it could be better? Read a blog, watch a podcast and/or Connect now to schedule a 20 min consultation call.  Usually eight to twelve, 30 min. coaching calls can help you get pointed in a new direction. 



Are you feeling defeated and know that things could get better if you just had the right tools and support? Individual and/or Group Coaching with you and/or your partner, family, team or small group are available.  Expect to work with your coach for at least three to twelve months. This is a relationship that can help you repair inside and with each other.  Through awareness, shedding false destructive beliefs and old patterns you can begin to move toward transformation and joy. Watch for workshops on marriage, parenting, relationships in the ministry and more.  Or, don't wait! Email today to bring a workshop or seminar to your church or organization. 



When life has fallen apart and destructive patterns have set in, there is a need for restoring life and relationships to a formerly healthy state. The Genesis Process* is a one year individual or small group intensive process to become aware of what is broken, discover the false beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck and then allow God to bring deep heart transformation. Once the transformation begins, the process will help you begin to walk in new ways that are healthy and beneficial to healthy relationships. You will be able to shed the old destructive ways and walk with joy and freedom to love and enjoy life with God, yourself,  and others.  more about the Genesis Process at   


Watch for upcoming workshops on relationship styles, marriage, parenting, Applying the Genesis Tools. see Events


Rebecca Talks

COMING SOON!  Tell your friends and family about "Rebecca Talks" 

Every short "talk" will deal with a relevant topic which will lead to better relationships and a better Life.  see Events



ReaLife Coaching offers individual Coaching to help you clear the distractions and obstacles that get in the way

of great relationships with family, friends, co-workers and ministry partners.

Do you have trouble connecting or do others have trouble connecting with you?  Coaching can help!  see Coaching


Ministry Leaders and Teams

Are you as effective as you can be?

Is there more discord than unity as you attempt to work together furthering God's Calling to share the Gospel,

Make disciples and help usher in His Kingdom here on Earth as it is in Heaven?

Coaching the Leader and the team is effective to bring unity and effective progress to the business of

working together in Ministry.  see Ministry Teams

Rebecca has helped me explore possibilities and opportunities that help keep me focused and on track to move forward and meet my goals. Her insightful questions and keen listening skills challenge me to be my best...
— Rev. David Woody