"Life is filled with decisions and detours.  As a Life Coach, Rebecca has come alongside me through the “thick of things”. She has partnered with me to provide conversation that has helped me to focus and create momentum to make decisions as I move toward my goals."

–Joy Candee
  MTW Missionary


Rebecca Sassenrath and coaching has changed my Life! Being a person struggling with disorganization and the daily CHALLENGES of running a ministry in a large church, i have discovered ideas and skills I did not know I possessed. Coaching has helped me become a more efficient pastor and a person who can let my light shine!       

   ---Michael C.    Middle School Ministry Director

The coaching Rebecca has provided me with has been life-changing. Personal Life Coaching helped me get my life back on track. The progress I’ve made in just six months has been unbelievable. I feel refreshed, focused and excited about where I am headed. I couldn’t have done it without Rebecca!”

– Colleen S.
entrepreneur, designer

Working through the HPP assessment with Rebecca is already changing the way I work and live. The knowledge I gained along with her skill, insight and encouragement have inspired me to do what I was designed to do…with joy and excellence!”

Personal & Professional Development Coach, ACC

welcome to Realife Coaching

Coaching can be a powerful tool for change and growth in your life.  Through regular intentional conversations --- usually by phone at a regular weekly time--- I help you to discover what is most important, think through options and processes together, dream, strategize and move forward toward healthier relationships, more effective teamwork, happier family relationships and a better life overall. Here are just a few words about what coaching is and what it isn’t…


what coaching is…


Coaching is a relationship of support to assist  YOU, and if you wish; your partner, family or team in the process of change. The intended outcome is your desired change. As your coach, I  direct the process while you determine the content. It is helpful to think of the term “Coach” like that of a transportation vehicle. The Coach helps you or your partner or group move from one point to another. You determine the route and the destination and I help you get there. Coaching always deals with the present in the context of moving toward the desired change.


what coaching is not…

Coaching is not counseling (dealing with the past to bring about needed healing), nor is it mentoring or discipling (bringing expertise and/or experience to be learned), nor is it consulting (bringing about the necessary change through work on the consultant’s part). Coaching is unique in that the coach brings the necessary tools for the process and YOU bring the content. All coaching sessions are confidential on the part of the Coach so that it is a safe and professional environment where you can think, and process and dream and plan and grow.


the coach's responsibility is to…

    • Discover, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve
    • Encourage you in self-discovery
    • Elicit you to generate solutions and strategies
    • Hold you responsible and accountable


    The Coach always assumes that all the solutions reside within YOU! The Coach’s job is to help YOU discover the best solutions and strategies to move forward.  

    Every person is creative, resourceful and whole. Each person knows their own story and how best to move forward in the context of their own personality, situation and gifts. I can help you and your partner, family or team discover the focus of the problem, the desired solution, the removal of obstacles and the best way to proceed forward.

    As a distinctively Christian coach, I have a devotion to the love and care of each person as modeled by Jesus Christ, as described in the Holy Christian Bible. These principles and the relationship that I have with Jesus will guide each conversation and the ethical standards that I will adhere to.

    As we move forward in the coaching relationship, you will likely discover that this is a beneficial and powerful tool for discovery and transformation toward your best self, your best relationships, your best LIFE.

    I hope you will discover the fullness of your gifts and be able to live them out enjoying each opportunity that you wish to pursue and every relationship you desire to nurture. I look forward to being a co-traveler with you in the next season of your life journey. 

    the coaching relationship

    The coaching relationship is for you to enjoy being heard; creating a space for you to dream; to reflect and to plan for moving forward. The focus is on you–what you want in your life and your relationships. The coaching relationship can help you focus, practice and  live out of your deepest values and your truest self!

    Coaching is not advice, therapy, or counseling. Coaching may address your work, specific personal projects, life balance, your profession or calling and/or your relationships. The coaching conversation is direct and personal. I am committed to be honest, straightforward and supportive by asking clarifying questions, making observations and allowing you to connect the significance of the conversation to your life.

    You will continue to move toward being your best you–the authentic person you have been created to be! This enables you to grow in new directions that are consistent with your values and your true beliefs. You will continue to move toward being your best you–the authentic person you have been created to be!



    All information discussed and/or shared during coaching sessions are kept strictly confidential (unless required by law-in cases of self harm or harm to others). Your willingness to be honest will be treated with ultimate respect. You are free to share anything from your sessions that you desire; however, I will guard our conversations with the strictest of confidential trust.


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    Rebecca Sassenrath
    ReaLife Coaching